The Vinyl Shack :: Scripture :: As for me and my house - Joshua 24:15

As for me and my house - Joshua 24:15

As for me and my house - Joshua 24:15

As for me and my house - Joshua 24:15
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord - Joshua 24:15
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    Yan'an, the cradle of the revolution. Covered with red footprints everywhere, everywhere is full of magical charm. Pagoda Hill, the Yanhe, Yangjialing Zaoyuan, Nanniwan, one may have been the familiar names exceptionally cordial people, Chairman Mao, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De ...... a very great man tall awe Qi Jing. Now, I set foot on this piece of land, came to this shrine, is one kind of strong red influence, emotionally, spontaneously respect. Because, this red is a color never fade A survive the national soul, a never disappear memory.Whenever people travel to Yan'an, will go to pay their last respects Pagoda Hill. Pagoda Hill, ancient Jialing mountain, because the mountain is famous Millennium Guta, is a sign of the historic city of Yan'an, the revolutionary symbol of the Holy Land. Drove to the foot of the mountain, looked up, this pagoda stand tall, quietly Su Zhi, such as the giant stare Yan'an City, Shizumori the land side. We meander along winding mountain trails before the line, along the way, trees, flowers are blooming, cool very hot, from time to time there are birds chirping, like in the welcome guests from afar. Top of the mountain, in the "lifeline" "Peace Drum" before we hit the bell drums, the sound was deafening, resounding. This bell is the voice of peace, is the sound of the Spirit, is a symbol of Zuguo An Ning Kangtai. Aerial view of the top of the tower stood, Pagoda Hill, Qingliangshan, Phoenix Mountain, across the river, surrounded by mountain. Yan'an City, like a sleeping baby lying on the mother's cradle, seemed so quiet and peaceful. At this point, I can not help but think of the famous writer He Jingzhi "back to Yan'an," the poem "Dream back and forth several Yan'an Pagoda Hill hands hug given," Today, I have a round-cherished wish, finally saw the pagoda. Hand touched the brick, has a historical sense the heavy, gloomy after she witnessed eventful years, has stand tall, which is not also a symbol of the spirit, which perhaps it is a kind of Yan'an Spirit. Next, we enjoyed Cliff, inscriptions, etc., after reluctantly down the hill.Over the Jialing River Bridge, we follow the line before Yanhe. Imagination, Yanhe, should be the waves rolling, turbid monstrous spectacle. Because the poet painter's pen is "Towering Pagoda Hill, rolling extension of the river," the beauty. What, then eyes, Yanhe neither waves nor wild waves, such as a spring, a pool of holy water, flowing red blood, the release of enthusiasm and warmth of summer, nourishing Yan'an children. On both sides of the river, clouds, a blooming flower clusters nines, Xiaoying guests. Standing on the bridge, the wind blowing, floral curl, ask Guth today. That year, countless sons and daughters, to follow Chairman Mao, with the Communist Party, Yanhe drinking water, with millet plus rifles, won a great victory of the revolution. Extension of the river is raising them, and gave birth to the Chinese revolution. Yanhe, a hero of the river, the Chinese revolution "Mother River." You still so beautiful, so divine! So fascinating! (Read the article Network: a few minutes, we came Wangjiaping Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall. Entered the square, it stands the bronze statue of Chairman Mao - "far-sighted" attracted me a feeling of great nostalgia and reverence, I came to the three-step and two steps before the statue. Chairman of wearing a tunic, stature, broad-minded, sparkle, hands on his hips, staring into the distance, noble Peak, as if to seek salvaging the road, but also like thinking about enriching the people in the party. This memorial, simple and elegant, tall and magnificent. Mr. Guo wrote the museum name impressively in the head, gleaming golden. Into the hall a group of large sculptures, reliefs vivid, brilliant. With the guide's explanation, that time back to the war-torn difficult years that it was a second major historical events, famous battles,
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