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Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Vinyl Installation Instructions



Draw any layout marks you will need on the wall, using a water-soluble pencil.  Your decal (or possibly only the bottom layer of your decal, if you have a two-color design) will have an extra straight strip of vinyl at the bottom.  This strip is just here to give you a straight line to match to your layout marks on the wall.


Lay your decal face up on a flat surface and rub it with the squeegee.  Don't be afraid to press down hard - you won't hurt the decal.  If you have a 2-color decal, start this step with the first (bottom) layer and proceed through step #7


Carefully peel the mask - with the decal attached - away from the wax backing paper.  If the decal is not coming off the backing paper with the mask, then go back to Step #2 and press a little harder with the squeegee.

Using your alignment marks from step #1 (you will be able to see them lightly when holding the mask close to the wall, hold your decal against the wall and lightly press the corners to the wall. Step back and make sure you are happy with the location of the decal. If adjustments need to be made, simply pull the decal off the wall and reapply.


Press the decal to the wall using the squeegee tool.  Begin at the middle and work your way out.  If you get any bubbles or wrinkles, pull that section of decal away from the wall and try to apply it again.


Once the decal is firmly attached to the wall you are ready to remove the masking paper.  Start at one corner and slowly pull the mask off.  If any parts of your decal begin to peel up with the mask, simply back up a little bit and squeegee that section again.


Technique tip: When removing the mask, do not try to pull it straight out - perpendicular to the wall.  This method is more likely to pull parts of your decal off with the mask.  Instead, fold the mask over against itself as you remove it.


The following steps only apply to multi-color decals: