The Vinyl Shack :: Colors



Our standard vinyl for all products - unless otherwise noted - is a matte finish vinyl rated for indoor use.  The manufacturer guarantees trouble-free removal for two years, and our experience tells us that you will not have trouble removing this vinyl, even years down the road.  If you need vinyl that is suitable for outdoor use, please contact us for your options.

color chart

Please realize that these colors will look slightly different on every computer monitor.  This is why we have done our best to use descriptive names to help you choose the color you want.  If you would like us to send you color samples before you place your order, please contact us with a list of the colors you would like samples of (maximum of three color samples).

We have two vinyl options that are not shown on our color chart:

Paint Mask - This is a type of vinyl designed for masking letters or images for painting.  Instead of receiving vinyl letters, you will receive a sheet of vinyl with the letters cut out.  This sheet of vinyl is then used as a mask for painting with a sprayer or brush.  Painting letters on a wall can be advantageous in areas such as schools where lettering may be peeled off the wall by little fingers.  It is also helpful if you are looking to match an exact color, since paint can be mixed to any color.

Paint mask can also be used as a light sandblasting mask for etching glass.  For heavy or deep etching jobs, a heavier sandblast mask is also available, but at a higher cost.

Glass Etch - This is a vinyl that is designed to simulate the look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost.  Glass that is actually etched is slightly weakened by the etching, while glass etch vinyl will actually strengthen the glass by helping hold a shattered pane in place.